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New section, FILES

I have created a Files Section, where all schematics etc will go.

You will find it in the menu above.

Currently all schematics for the ALU is there.

Some statistics, the card will be a 4-layer card 160x230mm approx. (dual Eurocard size)

Layer stackup as follows:

  1. Signal layer and  SPL0 Plane.
  2. SPL0 Plane
  3. VTT Plane
  4. Signal layer and VEE plane

In total there are some 800 components on each card:

Some 380 Resistors, 377 transistors and 19 LED

A complete 8-bit ALU would require some 3000 resistors and some 3000 transistors.

All transistors are the same BFR92P in SOT23

The resistors are 220R, 245R, 680R and 100R, in 0805.

Power supplies: VEE = -5,2V, VTT -2V.