The basics

Embarking on this journey, i realised that it was som 25+years since I went to school, so I had to recap about ECL and other things, however it wasn’t that  difficult anyway.

I began with designing the base Circuit a 2 input ECL-gate and did some simulations in LT-Spice.

I realized that the type of transistor I was going to use affected everything quite dramatically, so I started searching for a decent tranny to use.

It seems that I ends upp with something called BFR92P.

Simulating it in LT-Spice it seems that, at least in theory, I should be able to run this computer att 500 MHz.

Here is a screenshot of the simulation.


Obviously, I realise that I would not be able to run at this frequency, as well as the problem designing a Clock oscillator with several phases with discrete Components, and furthermore, my function-genny cant go that high, only 20 MHz, so that will be the target, for now.

1 thought on “The basics

  1. Armand Lucchesi

    I was very familiar with the Wang desk calculators of the 60’s which were built using only discrete components. Wonderful stuff. Good luck on your project for you are definitely not insane!



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