Teletype 33ASR

So, I finally got hold of an old Teletype Model 33 ASR. however it needs a lot of restoration I guess.

First of all, the cover was smashed into a number of pieces, as you can see on the images

The cover smashed in parts
The cover smashed in parts
The TTY with parts of its cover
Back of the TTY
PaperPpunsch/Reader side

I have just started to assemble the cover, using patches of fiber-glas and acrylic resin
When that is done, I will need to use som gelcoat filler and sand it, and then spray it with some bone-white Colour (I guess Bone-White is the nearest, anyway).

Nextthing that needs to be done, is a thorough cleaning and lubrication.
The rubber on the hammer is missing, so I need to get a replacement rubber.
I need to create some sort of interface, so I can hook it up to a modern computer.
Well, more Pictures is coming as long as the restoring process contiues.

Pre-assembly with duct tape only

The cover assembled with duct-tape
Missing parts
More missing parts

Now I have put it all together with the help of some polyester resin and fiber glass.

Repair in progress
Repair in progress
Repair in progress
Repair in progress

Next, need som filler and sanding, then spraying