Here are all schematics for the Project:

All files is in PDF-Format.

First comes the 1 bit ALU:

Backplane Connections: 1-Terminals

AND/NAND, B-Inverter and NOR/OR functions: 2-And

XOR and the ADDER functions: 3-XOR

Carry and Overflow functions: 4-Carry

Part 1 of the ALU Operations MUX: 5-ALUOP-Mux1

Part 2 of the ALU Operations MUX and SLT function: 6-ALUOP-Mux2

The ALU A-Reg: 7-A-Reg

The ALU B-Reg: 8-B-Reg

The ALU Result Reg (R-Reg): 9-R-Reg

The register MUX: 10-REG-Mux

Clock gating and LED-Driver part 1: 11-MISC1

LED-Driver part 2: 12-MISC2

Control bus buffers: 13-Buffer

Here is the artwork for the ALU-Slice:

Top silkscreen ALU-Slice_TopPrint

Bottom Solder: ALU-Slice_SoldLay

Top Solder/Component ALU-Slice_TopLay


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